Jeep is preparing a compact electric SUV

Jeep is preparing a compact electric SUV


At the moment, the youngest Jeep model is the compact Renegade. In a few years, however, Jeep may unveil an even more compact all-electric model that rivals the Suzuki Jimny.

The current “junior” Jeep Renegade is based on the rather outdated SCCS platform, which GM and Fiat developed back in 2005. The maximum that can be squeezed out of it, relevant to the modern agenda, is the readiness for a hybrid power plant. But based on the brand’s plans for total electrification, this platform does not exactly meet the stated goals. Stellantis has an up-to-date CMP platform, on which the Peugeot e-2008 and Opel Mokka-e are built, but it does not support full-fledged all-wheel drive, which is important for Jeep. At the end of 2022, an upgraded version of it may appear, but it is not known whether it will support all-wheel drive. Therefore, if there is no goal of launching a new model within a year or two, then the new electric Jeep will probably be located on the latest STLA Small platform, which should appear by 2026. However, here, too, there is no confidence in the full drive.

Jeep representatives have not said anything specific yet. They only hinted that the exterior is going to continue to be inspired by the design of the legendary Willys.

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