Jeep prepares a new three-row crossover

Jeep prepares a new three-row crossover


Jeep continues testing its new three-row SUV. At the end of last year, a well-camouflaged mule was spotted on the roads of Brazil, and now spies have photographed another prototype, this time in Sweden.

New pictures are much more informative. Although the car is still camouflaged on them, it is now clear that this is a Jeep, more specifically, an elongated version of the Compass model, which stretched the rear overhang and, apparently, the wheelbase to accommodate the third row of seats. Small side windows can be seen through the camouflage, which are also available on the five-seat “Compass”, but the front part, apparently, will be decorated a little differently – with some borrowing from the new Grand Cherokee L.

According to Motor1’s own sources, with the updated Jeep Compass, the novelty will share both the platform and the interior design, but it will be called something else – not Grand Compass and not Compass L.

Earlier it was reported that the production of the so far unnamed crossover will be established in Brazil, and it will be one of the most technically complex cars produced in this country. It is expected that in the basic front-wheel drive version it will receive a 1.3-liter 180-horsepower gasoline turbo engine, and all-wheel drive will be offered with a two-liter 200-horsepower Multijet diesel engine and a nine-band automatic. The premiere seems to be slated for the second half of 2021. The new seven-seater Jeep crossover will be sold in South America and India. There is no information on other markets yet, but this model is unlikely to appear in the native US.

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