Jeep released a guitar from the wood of abandoned houses in Detroit

Jeep released a guitar from the wood of abandoned houses in Detroit


Jeep has partnered with Wallace Detroit Guitars, which makes guitars from wood found in abandoned buildings in Detroit, Michigan, a ghost town that was once central to the auto industry. The Deluxe Jeep guitars are fully hand-made to order in 90 days and, according to the firm’s website, expresses a “passion for the Jeep brand, Detroit music and its automotive roots.

The neck of the electric guitar is made of maple, the body is made from treated wood from Detroit houses, and the pickup is made in the form of a signature Jeep radiator grille against a background of a white plate with beveled edges. Below, with the help of thermal branding, a star in a circle is applied – the emblem of the US Army.

The back case is decorated with an engraved Jeep logo and a topographic map of the city. In addition, the kit includes a wardrobe trunk and a strap made from used and recycled car seat belts.

In honor of the release of the Jeep guitar, rock band Detroit Dreamers released a song called Dreamers, which will be performed in front of workers at the Detroit Mack Avenue plant. The plant was closed back in 1979, but in February 2019 FCA invested $ 1.6 billion in it: now the three-row Jeep Grand Cherokee L SUV is rolling off the assembly line.

Earlier, Mercedes-Benz teamed up with American designer Heron Preston and presented the Airbag collection made from airbags. Although the airbags have been reworked, unusual items can be inflated and deflated if desired.

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