Jeep Renegade turned to the “evil” SUV

Jeep Renegade turned to the “evil” SUV

Italian tuner Militem has prepared a draft of revisions for SUV Jeep Renegade. A project called Hero (“Hero”) made the car more brutal appearance and luxurious inside.

The package of improvements includes a new grille, fender flares, hood, original bumpers, livevenue suspension, 20-inch forged wheels, a constriction of the interior and the chip tuning of the engine.

Italian artists say that the upgraded Renegade for “everyday use in the city.” However, the increase in ground clearance of 38 millimeters and less massive bumper improved off-road performance angles of entry, exit and ramps.


Militem – tuning company from the city of Como (Italy), which specializiruetsya on the modernization of Jeep SUVs and RAM pickups.

The interior of the SUV, covered with a thin skin: it trimmed seats, front door cards and the trunk floor. Experts Militem explain that the interior can be made in different color combinations, and the extent of alterations and the materials used are selected individually.

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For the two most powerful versions of the Jeep Renegade petrol with a 1.3-liter 180-strong “Turbotronic” and diesel with 2.0-litre supercharged unit producing 170 horsepower, Militem offers software that can increase the impact by 20 horsepower.

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