Joysticks instead of steering: a new path BMW

Joysticks instead of steering: a new path BMW


The patent office was the application for complicated construction which is a pair of joysticks.

Autonomous vehicles will sooner or later begin to arrive on the market. Nevertheless, even Autonomous cars at some point will require human intervention. To this end, the producers are looking for ways to ensure this intervention, without prejudice to the internal space of the car, and BMW is one of the companies seeking to innovate in the management of vehicles. Latest patent demonstrates how a complex steering system that combines a couple of joysticks to control the car. Perhaps the first car brand to use the new component will be the forthcoming Tesla Model 3 competitor, the BMW i4.

BMW is not the only company that looks for alternative solutions for steering. Ferrari has filed a patent for a built-in seat joystick, while a great new concept EV from Hyundai Prophecy also plans to get rid of the steering wheel in favor of a pair of joysticks.


The idea of the BMW seems quite complicated: in a U-shaped arm integrated turn signals, mode of movement and other functions. It is unknown how this will work, but at the top of each handle has a custom dial, which can control everything from speed to braking. At the moment, all functions of the new steering system are open for discussion, but it seems that the management of vehicles can change dramatically over the next decade.

Attempt to change Hyundai steering confirms that it is “absolutely new, but at the same time, encouraging and intuitive driving experience.” Attempt BMW seems very complicated and definitely will require some getting used to, but if this set ever goes on the market, we have no doubt that it will be designed in such a way that it was easy to master. However, these new concepts of steering, probably intended for use as a last resort, while Autonomous driving will be the main method of piloting vehicles of the future. It looks like a futuristic car from a movie in the genre of “fantasy” will come into the real world sooner than we thought.

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