Jubilee Donkervoort: not when 2G mobile standard

Jubilee Donkervoort: not when 2G mobile standard


The company Donkervoort Automobielen marks the 70th anniversary of their Creator IOPA of Donkervoort, and cooked on this occasion a new version of the D8 GTO sports car with an index of JD70. Improvements are many and they are all speed.

Netherlands Donkervoort and Caterham, the British bought in the ‘ 70s, the license to produce a lightweight sports car Lotus Seven, but the evolution of this iconic model from these manufacturers have gone in different directions. If Caterham after conceptual doubts and attempts to make a completely new machine came to the conclusion that it is better to stick to the origins and this looks like a classic Super Seven 1600 with the “heads” of Weber carb on a fuel injected Ford engine, the Donkervoort has made a focus on speed and modern materials. The only current model D8 GTO only layout resembles the original Lotus Seven, and technically has nothing to do with it. The D8 GTO is a modern uncompromising sports car, and JD70 – his most recent and fastest version.


The basis of the D8 GTO-JD70 lies a tubular steel frame, aluminum and carbon fiber. All siding from carbon-Kevlar, with many aerodynamic elements made on a 3D printer. Specially for JD70, a redesigned rear diffuser (gives +80 kg clamping load) and wheels (+50 kg).

Suspension – double wishbone circle with adjustable Intrax dampers, adjustable stabilizer bars and original springs Donkervoort. Brakes – from the Italian firm Tarox: front discs have a diameter of 310 mm and 6-piston fixed brackets, the back – diameter of 280 mm and a standard single-piston staples, but optionally available 6-piston.

For the first time on Donkervoort’s a light and compact electric power steering with adjustable levels and complete blackouts. Pollicove tires Nankang AR-1 specially designed for the Donkervoort composition allow to reach in the corners of the congestion in 2G that was not available for road cars – is the level of a racing car. The dimension of the tires, meanwhile, far from the record: front – 235/45 R 17, rear 245/40 R 18. Optionally available carbon-fiber wheels.

The engine – a modified 5-cylinder EA855 company Audi. When the working volume 2480 of “cubes,” he gives a maximum of 421 HP at 5850-7000 rpm and 560 Nm at 1750-6350 rpm due to the longitudinal location of the power unit and the specific layout of the car designated for transmission is very small, and therefore the Donkervoort uses a compact 5-speed manual transmission Tremec, but with some unique components that increase the life and reliability of the node. Drive wheels – the rear, between them installed custom in the UK, limited-slip differential. For a fee there is a separate cooler for the differential.


With all carbon fiber options (for example, to order carbon tunnel for driveshaft) the Donkervoort D8 GTO-JD70 weighs only 680 kg. To 100 km/h the vehicle accelerates in 2.7 seconds to 200 km/h in 7.7 s, top speed of 280 km/h.

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Positioned as the Donkervoort D8 GTO-JD70 as a road car for each day of the optional air conditioning, a rear view camera, aerodynamic wind protection, alarm and xenon headlights. For track riding available racing buckets with 4 – or 6-point belts, the pressure and temperature of tires, racing ABS, roll cage, digital instrument panel with telemetry.

Base price – 163 636 euros, without taxes. Donkervoort will produce only 70 copies of the D8 GTO-JD70 and more than half of them are already sold.

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