Jump at $53,000


Blogger Street Speed ​​717 (Michael Hissong), who this spring in a 712-horsepower RAM 1500 TRX moved across the Do Run Creek in Pennsylvania, was found guilty of violating the boundaries of watersheds, their pollution and misuse. The cumulative fine in 18 criminal cases will amount to $ 53,000. According to local media reports, Hissong has already paid the full amount and joined the accelerated rehabilitation program, thereby avoiding criminal punishment.

In Pennsylvania, watershed violations, pollution, and misuse fall under the summary offense, the least criminal offense. Back in the spring, 18 criminal cases were brought against the blogger Street Speed ​​717 – the Penn State Fisheries Commission was the plaintiff – and at the same time some American media wrote that in aggregate Hissong could be punished as for drunk driving.

Despite the fact that the shooting of the video, where the RAM 1500 TRX storms a small stream, took place on a private territory, the Do-Run Creek channel located there is entered in the register as suitable for navigation, which means it is public and protected by law. Based on this, the court ruled to find Hissong guilty and imposed a fine of $ 53,000. The case did not come to criminal punishment, as the blogger joined the accelerated rehabilitation program, which gives a “second chance” to those who committed the first offense.

For Hissong, in general, everything ended well. Another blogger, Pog, managed to smash a brand new MINI John Cooper Works GP without ever hitting the road. The hot hatch, limited to just 3,000 copies, was delivered to his home in a huge wooden box.

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