Just the best car? New Tesla Model S Plaid breaks all records

Just the best car? New Tesla Model S Plaid breaks all records


In the first tests, the novelty was able to break several world records for production cars

Perhaps the main novelty of this year – Tesla Model S Plaid in the very first tests of motortrend.com was able to surpass several world records.

Recently, the manufacturer announced that Plaid will be able to accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in less than 2 seconds. A more accurate figure was called 1.99 seconds. In addition, it was assured that the car would cover a quarter mile in 9.2 seconds.

To begin with, the novelty was tested on a specially prepared Famoso track, which is located near Bakersfield, California. The sticky asphalt surface even surpassed our own expectations. In the end, the car completed the acceleration exercise to “hundreds” in a record 1.98 seconds. True, the quarter mile race was completed in only 9.25 seconds. at a speed of 152.6 miles per hour. The reason for this was the drag strip mode, which does not turn on immediately, but only after a while.

However, measurements by independent experts showed slightly worse indicators. According to motortrend.com, the acceleration was 2.07 seconds. In any case, these are record figures that not every hypercar will be able to show. The 1/4 mile was covered in 9.34 seconds. The speed on this section was 152.2 miles per hour.

Perhaps the only car that can compete with the Tesla Model S Plaid is the newest Rimac Nevera. However, it should be noted that the question of “seriality” of Rimac is immediately raised here. After all, the Croatian hypercar, whose cost exceeds $ 2 million, is very limited in circulation. By the way, for the newest “Tesla” you will have to pay about 130 thousand dollars.

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