Kabmin confirming the rules for the sale of cars at the military camp

Kabmin confirming the rules for the sale of cars at the military camp


The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the rules for the sale and registration of cars during the war period on the territory of the country.

Vіdpovіdnu vіdpovіdnu vіdnu vіdnu vіstіt vіstіv іn order of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 190, yak Uryad zatverіv 4 birch.

Be aware that all vehicles, whether they are imported or imported into Ukraine, can be registered for 90 days after the completion of the military camp.

For a period of 90 days, the company needs to enter information about the possession, transfer, sale of cars in the electronic register, so as for the hour of the introduction of the military camp in Ukraine, such information has been added to the register.

“Z Day Pushennnya Abo Skausuvannya Will in Okraimii Ukraine ї in Okraqi ї ї їїтся састься станки стойсний головный завитория заговальів, zokrema, shymannnya shymannnya Kompyovі-sale, Zobov’yaznі іідолика інвацій to the electronic register for the place of trade destinations”, – go to the document.

Crimea, for the information of the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (DSC MVS), the collection of license plates will not be charged and will not be carried out. Once the military camp is over, Ukrainians will be able to secure them in cars.

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