KAMAZ building 15 thousand people

KAMAZ building 15 thousand people


About 15,000 employees of KamAZ will be dispatched at the gate, the admission will be suspended, and the deadlines will be shortened. Tse pov’yazane with sanctions and the marriage of warehousemen.

Then ZMIs tell about it, putting their heads down on the head of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minikhanov. As it became known, at the end of the way, for the sake of social and economic support of the sub’єktіv of the aggressor’s country, the wines rose, scho on the aphid of problems with the supply of warehouses, “KamAZ” can spend 40% of the total cost of production. During the planting season, about 15,000 workers in the plant will be tempted to switch to idle mode before the supply of food is available from the supply of warehouses.

Guess, since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, a lot of foreign companies started to work on then market. Zokrema, the German maker of Daimler Truck parts, pinned his spivpratsy with KamAZ, and later it became clear that the company was left without foreign spare parts. Also, KamAZi no longer accepts Cummins engines, which are used in the United States, as well as ZF gearboxes and the German-made Bosch system.

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