Karma will bring powerful SC2 electric car in Los Angeles

Karma will bring powerful SC2 electric car in Los Angeles


This futuristic classic coupe with a long bonnet, cameras instead of conventional exterior mirrors and Elevator doors in the form of a “gull-wing”.

American Karma Automotive company surprised visitors to the motor show in Los Angeles spectacular hypercar Karma SC2, equipped with 1100-horsepower jet-propelled body. With this engine sports coupe, which exists only as a concept, accelerates to “hundreds” in less than two seconds. He relied sports carbon-ceramic brake system, pushrod suspension and drivetrain with the targeted distribution of torque. Stated battery capacity of 120 kWh. This is enough to electric car without recharging, I drove about 560 miles.

The appearance of Karma SC2 have learned a lot from the classic coupes, however, without the original strokes not done: here the passenger capsule the maximum is shifted towards the stern, the side mirrors were replaced by cameras, and rear optics over the full width of the body. Look especially spectacular overhead doors type “gull wing”.


The manufacturer tried to make the most of modern not only the look of your concept, but its equipment.

For access control we apply advanced technologies of fingerprint recognition and individuals, and driver’s assistants work on the basis of lidar, various types of cameras and radars. Electric car is also equipped with a monitoring system and Play Drive that stores important information – from braking to your favorite music driver. All of this data if you wish, you can play to perform a trip.

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Recall that Karma SC2 exists in a single copy. The concept was designed to demonstrate the advantages of an open platform, which will develop new model hypercar.

How do you design the electric vehicle of SC2?

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