Kawasaki are planning a new Ninja 700R?!

Kawasaki are planning a new Ninja 700R?!


Yamaha recently registered the R7 trademark for a two-cylinder sportbike planned to be based on the MT-07 platform. Why did Yamaha start working in this direction? The R6 was withdrawn from sales due to the inexpediency of updating due to restrictions on the Euro5 emission standards. In addition, everyone is shocked by the popularity of the Aprilia RS 660, and others are now trying to catch up with the Italians.

The R7 and RS 660 are significantly less powerful than the R6, which is ideal for beginners. Many people often wondered why buy a 600 cc supersport, if you can immediately take a liter. The difference was not so significant, but now the choice is easier to make depending on the requirements. And Kawasaki seem to want to participate in the development of the new segment too.

Kardesign Koncepts has even rolled out the Kawasaki Ninja 700R concept motorcycle. Many design elements were taken from the updated Ninja ZX-10R and Ninja 650.

At the moment we have only rumors about the Kawasaki 700R Ninja, but often there is no smoke without fire, so we are waiting!

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