Kawasaki brought at EICMA motorcycle electric

Kawasaki brought at EICMA motorcycle electric


Japanese manufacturer Kawasaki has brought to the world’s largest motosalon EICMA in Milan its latest project – in the style of the latest trends, elektromototsikl.

Motorcycle – along with other novelties ruler 2020 model year – introduced in Italy, the President of Kawasaki Heavy Industries Motorcycle & Engine Yuji’s Horiuti.

The development of Kawasaki carries the name of the EV Project. The motorcycle being tested on the track the Kawasaki owned Autopolis in southern Japan, and in real urban environments.

The result is a motorcycle that is comfortable and nice to ride. It’s a compact car, in size identical to the Kawasaki Ninja 650. It also uses the standard Kawasaki mid-size suspension for road bikes. Brakes and tubular frame – also those used on many bikes of the Ninja families, and Z.

The motorcycle weighs 219 lbs. In the centre is a rechargeable battery. To charge the bike as possible from a special charger or a standard outlet. In the end, the engineers still managed to achieve rather modest gains in terms of range trip – the reserve of this electric concept Kawasaki – only about 100 km.


It has other attributes of a normal motorcycle, for example, the clutch and four-speed gearbox. In this regard, the apparatus fully corresponds to the ideology of Kawasaki called Rideology.

While all this is carried out as a research project. In Kawasaki made it clear that I do not see prospects of adding EV-motorcycle in a line of production models of the company in the near future. However, the master of Horiuti finished his speech in Italian the presentation very intriguing. “Kawasaki is looking for more areas for development and expansion of opportunities for fun, from riding on two-wheeled transport.”

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