Kawasaki has patented a unique engine

Kawasaki has patented a unique engine


The return of doktechnik DOPA possible?

Two-stroke motorcycles, mostly remained on the roads. Toughening of norms of harmful exhaust literally squeezed dvuhmestnye from public roads, but there are some interesting projects. Company Kawasaki knows a lot about two stroke motors and patented a two stroke with a supercharger and a flat crankshaft.

The patent shows an engine that is really unique. First, he is a four-cylinder, two-stroke with flat crankshaft and the supercharger. Second, the Kawasaki engineers intend to use the engine for the hybrid system, and not for rear wheel drive.

Two-stroke engines away from the norms of harmful exhaust, but when properly configured, can work effectively even at low revs. Adding two-stroke engine in a hybrid system allows it to operate normally at low rpm to stay clean enough and provide enough energy for the system battery of the hybrid motorcycle.


There are some important points that reduce the level of harmful exhaust two-stroke motor. The supercharger is one of them. The idea is not new and is widely used on four-stroke engines. More air allows the engine to run more efficiently and cleaner, as well as to give higher power. The second important point is the use of valves instead of holes in the top of the cylinder head. Overall, nothing new, but like in two-stroke engines have not used before.

It will be interesting to see the first prototype, the Kawasaki if you decide to implement your plans.

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