Kawasaki introduced a line of motorcycles 2020

Kawasaki introduced a line of motorcycles 2020


Next year the company will introduce several new products.

While fans await the release of the new Kawasaki Z, equipped with a 1.0-liter engine with a supercharged H2, Kawasaki revealed its lineup by 2020, with a few notable changes. So, novelty is the updated Ninja 650, which got a facelift and some shiny new gadgets.


The rest of the lineup is almost identical, except for a few exceptions. In the 2020 model year lineup Ninja, obviously, again had the 1000 model with a few updates. In family Z, is also back of the model 650 and 900. Also next year will be presented to the W800, the family Versys and Vulcans.

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