Kawasaki is planning to release a hybrid bike?


The company has patented a hybrid bike, not daring, perhaps, to finally move to “green” products. This patent is devoted to a problem line-up of all units in a small chassis, the newspaper reports Bikepost.

Kawasaki filed in the Japan patent office in 2017, and the next, and in the American structure. As you might guess, in the document we are talking about a bike with electrical installation and internal combustion engine working in parallel (both torque goes to the rear wheel), and alternately.

For motorcycle the problem to put all the components into a compact chassis is much sharper than for the car. But it seems the Japanese have found a way out. In their case, the electric motor (No. 4 in the diagram) and the internal combustion engine is formed with a transmission with one unit and all in one housing.

Battery for electrical installations (No. 21 on the diagram) is above the engine between the frame tubes, and the gas tank is located asymmetrically on the left side of the motorcycle. Under the regulations, all heavy items should be located at the bottom and engineers are trying to move away from him.

On the output of the hybrid model in the near future of the question. The Japanese are still working on this model and even an approximate date not say.