Kawasaki is preparing ATV-transformer?

Kawasaki is preparing ATV-transformer?


The company confirmed the development in a highly unusual device, which will surely remind striking Concept J.

One of the most intriguing exhibits at the Tokyo motor show 2013 was the Kawasaki J electric Concept, able to extend or shorten the wheelbase and widen or narrow the track. And he has two rear wheels. Thus, we see something conceptually similar with Yamaha Niken, but markedly different from it in a number of design decisions.


The transformer was too good to be production model, and already forgotten, but in vain – in Kawasaki confirmed the development of a four-wheeled apparatus. About it in interview to the edition Motocicklismo said Director of sales and marketing Sergio Vicarelli and technical Director of Kawasaki Italy Giovanni Poli. However, it is unclear how much the bike will resemble the Concept J.

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