Kawasaki promises to become all-electric

Kawasaki promises to become all-electric


From 2025, the company plans to release 10 hybrid and electric models, after which it will get rid of the internal combustion engine.

Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer Kawasaki has pledged to fully switch to electric traction by 2035, visordown.com reports. However, this will not happen immediately, and the company will have to work hard to deliver on its promises.

The first stage will be the release of 10 hybrid and electric models, which are planned for production from 2025. However, the company has previously stated that it will not rely solely on electric power plants. Alternative fuel motorcycles are also being considered. Hydrogen can be one of these. In addition, in recent years, more and more people have heard about technologies that will create environmentally friendly combustible fuels.

It is noted that the iconic River Mark logo is being prepared for all future electrified new products, which will be installed on promising motorcycles. As it is known today, a pair of electric bikes will be named H2 and H2R. So we are not waiting, but preparing for future releases.

Recall that a little earlier the Chinese state concern SAIC presented a futuristic concept R – RYZR, which crossed a motorcycle and a car. Nevertheless, the R – RYZR, unlike the same Volkswagen XL1 Sport, will remain on renderings and will not even receive a physical embodiment. It is not planned to use the features of the concept in future models of the SAIC concern. According to the company, the car was created as a kind of provocation in the field of electric urban transport.

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