Kawasaki subtly improves Ninja 1000SX Sport-Tourer

Kawasaki subtly improves Ninja 1000SX Sport-Tourer


Kawasaki’s Ninja 1000SX underwent a significant overhaul in 2020. The flagship sports tourer features a redesigned engine, a new TFT display, a six-axis Bosch IMU and ride-by-wire technology.

Despite a significant update, Kawasaki is back in 2021 with Performance, Touring and Performance Tourer trims for the travel-friendly litebike. Team Green is now back with the 2022 Ninja 1000SX and has a few more updates up its sleeve.

When it comes to performance from the sport-touring label, big Ninja now uses a new four-in-one exhaust. The more angular bonnet also expresses the sporty intentions of the model. At the touring end of the equation, the 1000SX gets a more comfortable seat and additional windshield settings. For those who make extra-long trips, the 56-liter luggage should fit all the things that the rider and passenger take with them.

Kawasaki will also release some very bright Kawasaki colors. The brand has also redesigned the series’ finishes to include the Tourer and Performance Tourer as standard.

Of course, 1034cc 16-valve DOHC liquid-cooled. cm with four rows will continue to underpin the platform in 2022. With 140 horsepower and 81.9 lb-ft of torque on crane, you’re sure to get to your destination at a fast pace.

Combine that with a bi-directional shifter, auxiliary clutch and horizontal rear suspension and you have a sporty tourist ready to take any ride.

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