Kawasaki’s three-wheeled superbike: the idea continues to evolve


The Japanese manufacturer has filed another patent application confirming that it is actively working on a tricycle.

And possibly a four-wheeled one. At least what looks like a rear wheel, on the Concept J transformer introduced in 2013, was structurally two parallel wheels.

This is not the first time Kawasaki has returned to the theme of a motorcycle with two wheels in front. Five years after the Concept J demonstration, he unexpectedly appeared in the company’s promo video, then in 2020 the Japanese again used this image to demonstrate the idea of ​​hybrid motorcycles.

Over the past six months, Kawasaki has filed several patents related to tilt-in-turn tricycles. The latter is the closest to Concept J. Each of the front wheels is suspended from a separate trailing arm, which is attached to a subframe in front of the engine. The levers are connected to each other through rods and a transversely mounted shock absorber. This suspension arrangement minimizes unsprung weight, which is essential for a fast and powerful motorcycle.

The high dynamic characteristics of the three-wheeled bike are hinted at, for example, by the shape of the front of the frame in the patent images: it is identical to the supercharged Kawasaki Ninja H2 frame. So it seems that the “green” want not only to build a three-wheeled vehicle with a motor, but also to surprise everyone with its potential.

According to our European colleagues, Kawasaki has already built a prototype of a three-wheeled motorcycle. There are no details yet, but we hope that information will appear in the near future. When? Hard to tell. Almost five years passed between the first patents for, for example, a supercharged motorcycle and the appearance of the Kawasaki H2. And Concept J, we recall, was demonstrated more than seven years ago.

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