Ken Block Drifts London – EXTENDED Director’s Cut | BBC

Ken Block Drifts London – EXTENDED Director’s Cut | BBC


Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to present you with an extended cut of a very special film: Matt LeBlanc on a tour of London with Ken Block and his Hoonicorn Mustang. Watch more Ken Block here: Want to watch more from Mr. Ken Block? Here he is talking about his rally hero Colin McRae: WATCH MORE: Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Car Walkarounds: Taken from : Series 23Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips.

-That's it. -I don't think I… Do I need a helmet?
-I would suggest it. All right, all right. Okay, you know what I'm thinking… I'm not in a big rush, you know. We can talk about some of these sights
I'd like to see when you get a minute. Okay, I see why you said to wear a helmet. Thanks for the tip. Moving train. Moving train. Maybe I didn't mention, but I had quite
a lot of bacon for breakfast! Well, I don't need to see
the trailers again. The stuff that I'd like to see is more
of the like, touristy kind of stuff. I really want to see Buckingham Palace
and I'd also like to see Tower Bridge. Oh, and the Houses of Parliament.
You know where that is? Oh, Canary Wharf! Did you know that that right there
is the second tallest building in London? Yeah, that one over there.
Back there. Way back there. That was it! Do you drink a lot of coffee? Oh, cool! Oh, that is Lloyds of London! -Where we going?
-Secret route. -What's this button do?
-Don't. -Okay.
-Don't touch anything. Not touching anything. Do you know that most
of the London Underground is actually above ground? This is a good short cut. Oh, cool! This St. Paul's Cathedral. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Turn around! Go round again! A lot of famous people get married here.
Do they look familiar? Congratulations! A fascinating city, really. Did you know that a lot of people think
this is London Bridge, but it's actually called the Tower Bridge
because of the towers. Interesting, huh? Is this another short cut? This is interesting. Very colourful. -Least I could do.
-You're all right, Ken. Oh, look, look, look! What is that? -Oh, I think that is a Stigsy.
-Oh, cool! -Can I just…?
-No. Oh, Westminster Bridge! Did you know that it's illegal to die
in the Houses of Parliament? So maybe be careful. Oh, does Winston approve? It doesn't look like it, does it?
Sorry. Sorry. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down. Five O. See the police right there?
They're right behind us. -Is this thing street legal?
-I think so. Did you know that if the flag
on top of Buckingham Palace is all the way at the top,
that means the Queen is home? So she's home. So we better…
We better be on our best behaviour. I wonder what room she's in. Well, let's find out. Hey, there she is! So, we saw the queen. That was awesome. So check London off the list. Thanks, Ken. You're very welcome. -Where to next?
-Next? -I'm ready.
-Yeah. Let's go. Okay, I gotta ask you.
What does the red button do? -No.
-Come on. Not this time. Maybe the next trip.

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