Ken Block sells unique superpicap

Ken Block sells unique superpicap


The American firm LBI Limited has put up for sale a unique modified Hoonitruck pickup, built on the basis of the 1977 Ford F-150. A custom car created specifically for filming the extreme series “Dzhimkhana” was estimated at $ 1,100,000. If the deal is successful, the custom pickup truck will become the most expensive model in the history of the model.

The modified Hoonitruck is one of the most famous cars that American extreme sportsman Ken Block drove during the filming of his drift series “Jimkhana”. The super pickup is based on the classic 1977 Ford F-150. However, the donor only got the body panels for the custom car. In addition, custom-made rims were made specially for the truck.

Under the hood of the Hoonitruck is a one-of-a-kind turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 refined by Ford Performance engineers and Roush tuners. The prototype of the unit was prepared specifically for the 24 hours of Le Mans. Another feature of the engine is the 3D printed aluminum intake manifold.

At the time of production, this part became the largest in history, created using additive technologies. As a result of the modifications, the engine output was 927 horsepower and 952 Nm. The unique unit works in tandem with a six-speed “sequential”.

Together with Hoonitruck, the American company will donate a huge amount of spare parts, including a spare engine block, wheels and some body parts. For the modified super pickup, sellers plan to raise $ 1,100,000.

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