Ken Block’s No.1 Drift Tip!

Ken Block’s No.1 Drift Tip!


I’m meeting Ken Block in Japan! This is what happened…and his number 1 drift tip!Ken’s Insta @kblock43Follow me on:

[Laughter] we are gonna go meet Ken Block pigs first time I’m meeting him we’re just gonna like say hi the drifting scene isn’t really my scene so I’m just gonna ask him a few questions about that as I travel around the world I’m always trying to understand different car cultures there are so many different ones you know Tokyo car culture is so different to American oh well I shouldn’t even say American car culture because there are so many different cultures subcultures within one country like oh my god and super cars and and modifications and yeah anyway I’m not really here to give you like a full-on like media interview I just wanted to say hello to you and just have you say hi to my audience hi audience hi audience hey blog so what’s your what’s your next big I’m doing snowboarding yeah it’s happening all night snowboarding yeah yeah no my family my three kids and my wife are here nice and so they all love Japan also yeah so they’re out doing touristy stuff in Tokyo right now but then Monday we drive about five hours west for Megan to a valley called Huckabee okay three days we would have seen in a second snowboarding oh you have you been there to see you know many days oh yeah yeah it was really good all of us funk off our knees it was great fun yes you’re asking yeah I’ll skate yeah that’s what he goes I know it’s so much cooler I’m the dorky one on the skis but it’s just too late I can’t switch because when you learn can you sit over no means I’m gonna say sure um drift wise well we just finished Gymkhana ten which is insane that I’ve done ten in these videos yeah are they anything like you know I don’t really I suppose the reason why the one in Dubai went so viral is because you know you closed down massive roads that otherwise you could never do you’re in such iconic locations around your body is there any one of those videos that you just some that you think will go just as B well we just did Gymkhana ten which did ten million views in a week yeah and we did a whole documentary series around making that called Gymkhana files yeah and that was actually on Amazon Prime oh cool yeah so you know it’s kind of insane that I’ve done ten of these videos now and they continue to be successful yeah thank you everybody for watching it’s it’s been a lot of fun and uh well the thing is like I get to go race cars yeah and then I get to go do those videos for fun and as long as they keep being popular great companies like time for monster will keep paying me the Omega so I’m one of the luckiest racecar drivers in the world how do I do this fun stuff are you the guy with the ideas I have a very good team of people around me that helped a lot of the ideas come from me but it’s a big cloud effort so we are we but you are the ideas man you’re not just the guy that rocks up on set and goes yeah I know I am blessed and cursed with a brain that doesn’t seem to stop yeah so yeah so I I get to kind of express what I do in the race car getting in and driving but also doing all the creative side of it also but like I said though it’s a big team effort I’m a great group around me that helped me make all this stuff happened and it’s a lot of fun were there any background scenes that we need to know about involving machito I know there’s still scratches on my dash of that car though okay because we only got to see you know the very edited bit of us you know but I just can imagine what happened in the background actually getting that shot yeah it was kind of funny though we tried actually getting the shot with me in the car and the Cheetahs yeah but that shot in there is actually I think it’s a splice together shop yeah we tried we tried what we tried to do with me the cheetah got in that was kind of nervous like so we eventually put my driving suit on the cheetah yeah and he got more comfortable and we got the show cool well good luck today I know you’ve got like a than speech to URI thing happening yeah for the next few days actually is it just tomorrow just tomorrow yeah okay all right well those pleasure meeting you thanks very much yeah thanks going by will see you hopefully in the States then at some point if you have a chance go buy a Toyota there art yeah we were just lip did you see the truck to Lancer it’s that your mother 78 77 Ford f-150 yeah for why so if the truck is you all those extract is cool they’re taken out for 900 horsepower these look who’s young what’s up I guess you’ve never stopped there before I don’t like this what’s the perspective like over there not great looks like all the fun stuff so this is where it goes down all right again number one drift tip from ken block go fast take big risks it’s not easy that’s it from us at the Tokyo Auto Salon okay thank you very much no problem I’ve is your little jet lying right there we’ll get it out of him eventually bye

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