KIA and Hyundai against subsidies for the purchase of electric cars

KIA and Hyundai against subsidies for the purchase of electric cars


The KIA and Hyundai concern has been actively introducing new electric vehicles and rechargeable hybrids to the world markets in recent years. Therefore, the company’s management is seriously concerned about the increase in demand for electric vehicles and proposed to abandon the old methods of stimulation.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine Auto with reference to CarBuzz.

Thus, the head of KIA in the UK, Paul Philpott, is asking the UK government to stop providing grants to buyers of electric vehicles and invest more in the national charging network. Philpott noted that according to the company’s internal statistics, discounts provided by the state did not affect demand in any way.

Philpott also noted:

“I think people have concerns about charging and that’s where everyone’s attention should be. Motorists need to have absolute confidence in charging infrastructure. That’s why governments should move away from grants and turn to real tangible investment in infrastructure”.

According to the top manager, with careful calculation, one charging station can be installed for each discount on an electric car. Thus, in the near future it will be possible to solve the shortage of charging points in many regions of Europe and minimize the negative effect of the insufficient range of their electric cars, according to motorists.

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