KIA and Hyundai have developed intelligent shift system

KIA and Hyundai have developed intelligent shift system


KIA Motors and Hyundai Motor announced the creation of the world’s first system predictive gear shift. She chooses the optimal sequence based on data received from the navigation system, cameras and radar adaptive cruise control.

System with a complex called Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Connected Shift System consists of the powertrain control module (TCU) and special software, based on artificial intelligence. The task of the TCU – real-time processing data obtained from 3D navigation is the height, slope and curvature of the road, cameras and radar cruise control.

Based on this information, the software algorithm will select the optimal scenario of the gear changes. For example, he will put the box in neutral if you need to gradually slow down and the front running car is moving with uniform speed, or include a sport mode when leaving the motorway to the driver it was easier to join the flow. ICT in turns allows to reduce the number of switches at 43 percent, and the braking – in 11 percent.


In addition, ICT is able to use engine brake. Mode is activated when the system detects irregularities like lying cops, or slope on the road changing maximum authorized speed. In the future the functionality of the system expands: thus, she learns to “communicate” with the lights and adapt to the movement in the “green wave”.

Earlier Hyundai revealed a new active noise control APPROACH, which successfully fights with extraneous sounds entering the cabin when driving. Using data from the accelerometer, the RANC unit calculates the vibration, and the Central computer analyzes the incoming noise from the road. Moreover, the analysis happens in real time individually for the driver, passenger and second row seats.

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