KIA announced prices for the hybrid KIA Ceed Sportswagon and XCeed

KIA announced prices for the hybrid KIA Ceed Sportswagon and XCeed


KIA has introduced in the UK their first plug-in hybrid model based on Ceed Sportswagon and XCeed. Currently open pre-orders for the model, and the first deliveries are expected in April. The report said that the cost Sportswagon hybrid PHEV is £ 29,995 or about 39 $ 100 at the current exchange rate, while XCeed PHEV estimated from 30 695 £ 40 000 dollars.

Xceed and CEE’d Sportswagon are driven by a 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, paired with electric motor and lithium-polymer batteries. The total capacity of this power plant amounts to 139 HP, which allows Ceed Sportswagon to accelerate to 100 km/h in 10.8 s, and XCeed – in 11.0 S. Both models put the automatic transmission dual clutch six-speed, but not with a traditional twist ??transmission (CVT) found in most hybrids. Kia claims that this contributes to a reduction of losses in the transmission from energy conversion.

Combining the above with regenerative braking that captures kinetic energy, KIA claims that the car can travel solely on electric up to 60 km in the case of Sportswagon and up to 58 km on XCeed. Both can be recharged in approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes using the charger power of 3.3 kW.

Both models received minor design changes that distinguish them from standard versions, including a private version branded grille “tiger nose” to improve aerodynamic efficiency. Cars have unique wheel design. Charging port built into the left front fender.


The main changes in the cabin are also associated with the specifics of the model and include a new infotainment functions, and the charging indicator in the upper part of the dashboard. However, the size of the Luggage compartment was significantly changed. In the Sportswagon it is reduced from 600 to 437 litres with the rear seats unfolded, and XCeed – from 426 to 291 liters.

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It is expected that a hybrid version of the standard Ceed hatchback will appear later in 2020. However, this information is not officially confirmed.

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