KIA announces new KIA EV6 electric car

KIA announces new KIA EV6 electric car


KIA has announced the EV6 electric car, which will be presented in March 2021.

There are still few details about the KIA EV6. The Korean company called the car “the embodiment of the new brand motto Movement that inspires and a new design philosophy.”

No technical details about the new EV6 have yet been announced, except that the novelty will be built on the E-GMP (Electric Global Modular Platform) modular electric platform, which is already used by the serial Ioniq 5 from Hyundai. It is assumed that the EV6 will share with the latter the power plant and traction battery capacity options.

The KIA electric car will receive its own special body design. Judging by the teaser images, the KIA EV6 will be closer to a cross-coupe than to traditional crossovers. The electric car will have a dynamic silhouette, short overhangs and an unusual solution of the rear optics.

There is no other information about the KIA EV6.

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