KIA announces next-generation Sportage

KIA announces next-generation Sportage


KIA has released three blackout teaser photos of the next, fifth generation Sportage crossover. A full presentation of the novelty will take place in South Korea in July this year, but so far only some information has been disclosed.

Karim Khabib was responsible for the appearance of the new generation Sportage, who, by the way, previously worked at BMW and Infiniti, and since 2019 has been KIA’s vice president for design. According to the company, the new Sportage is made in the style of Opposites United, which means “Opposites are united”.

The characteristic features of such a concept are not specified, however, in the front of the novelty, you can see a large black radiator grille, through which a thin strip of daytime running lights passes. The taillights also got an intricate configuration. In addition, they are connected by a light bar along the entire stern.

Inside the new Sportage, we note a single glass for the screens of the digital dashboard and the multimedia complex. A similar performance can be seen in the KIA EV6 electric car and Mercedes of the latest wave.

The technical side of the issue has not yet been reported. On the platform, the new Sportage is unified with the Hyundai Tucson of the NX4 generation. Thanks to this, a plug-in hybrid power plant will appear, consisting of a 1.6-liter turbo engine and an electric motor with a total power of 226 hp. The system works together with a high-voltage battery with a capacity of 13.8 kWh, and the Tucson’s range in this modification reaches 45 km.

Release of the fifth Sportage in South Korea is due to begin in June 2021.

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