KIA brings new Sportage to Nurburgring

KIA brings new Sportage to Nurburgring


At the Nurburgring race track, a new-generation KIA Sportage crossover got caught in the lens of spy cameras. The prototype passed road tests, while eyewitnesses noted an interesting feature: when accelerating from the car, there were no sounds from the internal combustion engine, but its work is clearly heard during races.

Most likely, this is a hybrid with an electric motor built into the gearbox, which only works when you start driving. This allows you to save fuel and reduce emissions of harmful substances.

The prototype of the new Sportage, captured in the photo, is equipped with a hybrid powerplant with a charging function, that is, the car will be able to drive, including exclusively on electric traction. Most likely, the Sportage will receive a hybrid installation from Hyundai Tucson, where its return is 265 HP.

Details of the exterior can not be seen because of the camouflage, but it is safe to say that the front part of the future novelty will be made in the corporate style of the brand “smile of the tiger” – a modern design language of the brand.

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