KIA Cadenza: a new name for more money

KIA Cadenza: a new name for more money


THE flagship Kia K7 sedan, known in some markets as the Cadenza, will soon be radically transformed, change its name and receive an updated brand logo.

The ambitious KIA brand development plan, called Plan Shift, will take effect early next year and, according to the head of the company, will make THE South Korean brand “more dynamic, stylish and inventive.” The symbol of change will be the brand’s new logo, which will first appear on the K7 model, known in some markets as the Cadenza. According to the Korean Car Blog, in addition, KIA will rename the flagship sedan and make it more expensive: instead of the K7, it will be called K8. On behalf of Cadenza, the brand will most likely refuse altogether.

Thus, KIA continues to abandon the practice of using separate names for different markets: as you know, the Optima has switched to the name K5, under which the sedan was known in South Korea, and the Sedona minivan will now be sold in all markets as Carnival. The company patented the K8 name back in 2016, adding the GT-Line and GT indexes to it. The flagship sedan of the third generation will increase in size, become more luxurious and expensive. The premiere of the K8 is scheduled for March, and it will be available for sale a few months later.

We recommend watching a detailed test drive of the KIA Carnival from the InfoCar team:

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