Kia Cadenza is no longer K7

Kia Cadenza is no longer K7


The South Korean firm KIA intends to release the next-generation K7 car in March next year. Recently it became known that this new product will change its name to K8.

Now the brand is preparing to implement the Cadenza model, taking into account the appearance of the modernized Hyundai Grandeur car on the market. After that, sales of KIA cars significantly decreased, and several times. Now it has become known that as part of the fight against Grandeur, the company is going to produce a new vehicle under the name K8.

The new product will become more competitive, become larger, safer and more convenient compared to the existing K7. The modification being prepared for implementation will be the first that South Koreans will present next year.

As currently assumed, it will be officially presented and launched in mass production in the early spring of 2021, and you can buy a car no earlier than April or may. Among the features of the KIA K8, it is worth noting an improved sports silhouette, an expanded radiator grille and running lights in the form of a C symbol.

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