KIA has published a photo of the dashboard of the new crossover XCeed

KIA has published a photo of the dashboard of the new crossover XCeed

KIA has published a photo of the dashboard top performance of the new compact crossover XCeed, which will premiere in 2 weeks.

Korean development called Supervision, a new generation is a 12.3-inch screen with a resolution of 1920×720 pixels, which, according to representatives of the company, provides maximum clarity of display of information on the condition of the vehicle.

“Our digital tidy Supervision – only one of the many innovations that will be available for the new XCeed. We believe such things is an important part of the car, especially for high-end models, where there are numerous characteristics that should be displayed in the most understandable form. We expect to equip the Supervision of our other new items,” said Emilio Herrera, Executive Director of the European office of the brand.

The company immediately announced that it is fresh for the new hybrids and electric cars. According to the press service of the KIA, especially the tidy provide an opportunity to display a large number of characteristics without overloading the driver with information that allows less distraction from the road.

For the new KIA XCeed Supervision will be available as an option. In the basic configuration crossover contains an analog instrument panel with a monochrome screen 3.8 inch wells between the tachometer and speedometer.

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