Kia introduced an unusual special vehicle

Kia introduced an unusual special vehicle


Kia has unveiled an unusual special vehicle – a mobile hydrogen power plant for emergency operations.

Experimental development was given the abbreviation RHGV, that is, Rescue Hydrogen Generator Vehicle. According to the portal, it is built on the basis of the Kia KLTV serial army truck with a turbodiesel under the hood (V6, 3.0 l, 225 hp).

A superstructure with hydrogen cylinders and fuel cells is installed on the chassis behind the cab. The system uses an electrochemical reaction to convert hydrogen into electricity, which is designed to power buildings in disaster areas. The unit provides single-phase 220 V or three-phase 380 V.

The rescue vehicle is deliberately made on the basis of an army chassis – it is distinguished by reliability, durability and high maneuverability.

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