KIA is preparing for EURO-8 standards

KIA is preparing for EURO-8 standards


A new video has appeared on the YouTube channel of Woodworking Art, a popular carpenter and woodcarver from Vietnam, in which he showed the process of creating a fourth-generation KIA Sorento mini-replica. In the video, the wooden blocks are gradually transformed into a model of a seven-seat crossover with meticulous detailing at a scale of 1:11. It is one of a kind and anyone can buy it on Etsy for £ 918.34, or $ 1,300 (not including shipping).

To create a replica of the KIA Sorento, the master chose the light wood of Fujian cypress. From a large block, he used a jigsaw to shape the body and wheels, and then used a sander, saw and other simple tools, including a regular chisel, to work out smaller details.

For example, using a chisel, a Vietnamese carpenter designed the front of the model, the intricate pattern of the radiator grill and all the lettering, as well as the engine compartment and other elements, including the windshield wipers and doors with tiny hinges. With the same tool, he carved out the front panel in the cabin, the rotating steering wheel and the seats.

Like other Woodworking Art creations, the wooden Sorento received metal shock absorbers and a spare wheel located under the rear overhang. The video lasts a little over 10 minutes, but it is not known how long it actually took the jewelry work on the copy of the crossover, each element of which was additionally varnished by the blogger.

In May, a video appeared on his channel with a wooden copy of the Lamborghini Aventador S, cut using the same simple tools. Based on a page on the online store, the model has already been sold, and the most expensive item from a cabinetmaker to date is a Ford Raptor pickup at £ 1,148 ($ 1,600).

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