KIA Mohave 2020! And why the Land Cruiser?

KIA Mohave 2020! And why the Land Cruiser?


What if the best choice for you is frame SUV, but in the direction of the Japanese do not want to watch? What to do if the big European crossovers captivate the convenience, functionality and impact of diesel engines, but seem too flimsy? What to do if you’ve had a crazy idea about purchasing a car, which combines new technology and “old-school”?

The answer lies in “non-obvious” markets. For example, Korean. Because that’s what this market can offer you KIA Mohave, or to be more precise, it upgraded in 2019 version (the previous model has been manufactured for about eleven years). Here you and Rama migrated from the previous model unchanged, and a 3.0-liter diesel engine with the recoil forces 260 and 560 Nm, and dimensions in the “two centimeters Land Cruiser”, and a salon with a very modern approach to the design.

Independent rear suspension in a vehicle with a carrier frame? Someone says about “necrosociety” the scheme, others will argue the argument about the smoothness. Steel wishbone rear suspension? Someone, waiting for aluminum, dissatisfied with rock head, and others will approve of more reliable design. Something a little horsepower gives the engine? On the one hand, similar to the size of the “Germans” really show the best performance. On the other hand, this power and thrust is easy enough to find the limit of the turn initiation on this Behemoth. Perhaps that is why the steering wheel and the gearbox are set up as “quiet”. So the driver once again didn’t want to tempt fate.

In short, the disagreements can be many. What then is the verdict? Frame, V6 (the sound of which is amplified through an excellent sound system) full range of modern security systems, wood interior, ventilation and unprecedented for a class of displays… is it Worth to pay for all this 55 thousand dollars, and the top to report the lack of warranty? Or is it better to go the “proven” methods, selecting a much less convenient Mitsubishi Pagero Sport, or much more expensive (with diesel) Toyota Land Cruiser 200?

A look at our test drive. Pleasant viewing!

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