KIA Mohave has become better in the new year

KIA Mohave has become better in the new year


In South Korea, sales of the KIA Mohave 2023 model year have begun. The SUV has revised the chassis structure and suspension, and also added several new options. Among other things, the list includes double glazing, anti-collision system and the After-Blow function, which dries the air conditioner evaporator after the engine is stopped. Mohave costs from 49.58 to 58.71 million won in its homeland, which corresponds to 41,500 to 49,100 dollars.

Apparently, the main goal of the KIA Mohave modifications was to improve vibration and noise isolation. The rigidity of the body-to-frame brackets was increased for the SUV, and double-layer glass was added. The suspension has new shock absorbers, recalibrated for greater comfort when driving over bumps. Also, the list of equipment of the model was replenished with the emergency braking function Multi-Collision Braking System, which prevents repeated collisions in case of an accident, and two new trim options: Terracotta Brown and Taup Gray.

The most expensive version of the Gravity got a glossy black exterior decor and “ebony” lining in the cabin. The engine is the same – a V6 3.0 diesel, developing 257 horsepower and 560 Nm of torque, but complying with the new emission standards in force this year. The box is an eight-band automatic machine. The drive is full, with a multi-plate clutch in the front wheel drive. At home, the 2023 Mohave is priced at 49.58-58.71 million won.

We also advise you to watch a test drive of the KIA Mohave 2020 frame SUV from the FineAuto team:

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