KIA Motors America is no more


The American division of the brand made the unexpected decision to ditch the name KIA Motors America in favor of the shorter KIA America.

As part of the rebranding, KIA America will change its name from KIA Motors America to KIA America, and KIA North America will replace KIA Motors North America. This step is part of a new brand plan (sometimes referred to as the S plan). The $ 25 billion strategy aims to add sustainable mobility, delivery vehicles and personal mobility to its global lineup, bringing KIA to launch 11 new electric vehicles worldwide.

This part of the plan is expected to kick off soon with KIA America, as it was announced today that the new EV6 will hit US roads early next year, with special edition orders starting in June.

KIA, however, called its name “the most visible component” of the overall brand transformation. Indeed, the logo has been updated to make it even more visible.

“Globally, our brand sharpens its identity and defines a sustainable, targeted strategy across existing, new and emerging automotive segments,” said Sean Yun, President and CEO of KIA America.

The new global logo, announced late last year, should look like handwritten text.

KIA America will remain part of KIA North America, which has factories in Georgia and Mexico and maintains a brand presence in the United States and Mexico, as well as Canada. Both are headquartered in Irvine, California.

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