KIA Motors will change its name with the logo

KIA Motors will change its name with the logo


South Korean automaker KIA Motors is considering changing the company’s name. The proposal to switch from “KIA Motors” to ” KIA ” is of great importance.

Today, on November 12, the branch Of the national Union of metal workers Kia Motors published a newsletter in which it announced that the management is seeking to change the name of the company without the consent of the Union.

They are trying to change the mission of Kia Motors unilaterally, without communicating with members, even though we are in the process of collective bargaining. The Union strongly opposes changing the name of the company, which the members do not agree with, ” commented Choi Chong Tae, the head of the Union.

If the company name is indeed changed, it is highly likely that it will happen along with the release of a new logo. According to Han-Woo, the former President of Kia Motors Park, who spoke in February at the event hall of the Korean automobile journalists Association, “the new logo is similar to the one depicted on the concept car, but will be slightly changed.”

Representatives of the automotive industry have long predicted that there is a high probability of changing the company’s name. However, as stated by Kia Motors, “nothing is officially discussed, and we can’t say anything.”

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