KIA patents for new electric cars

KIA patents for new electric cars


In September, the Korean Corporation KIA announced that by 2027 it will show seven new electric vehicles at once.

The brand even presented silhouettes of these cars, but there are currently no details about them. Now, as the Korean Car Blog Agency informs, the names of five of these cars have become known: IK4, EV3, EV6, EV2 and EV4.

These names were taken from the database of the South Korean patent office, where, in particular, you can get acquainted with the graphic spelling of these names. So, when designing the letters, the automaker decided to use its own corporate font.

According to assumptions, in the first quarter of 2021, KIA will change its own logo. This shift will take place within the framework of a global plan, called Plan S, which provides for the transition of the Corporation to electric cars and hybrid cars. At the same time, it is currently unknown whether all cars will be equipped with the new logo or only cars with hybrid and electric powertrains.

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