KIA refuses to compete with Toyota Land Cruiser

KIA refuses to compete with Toyota Land Cruiser


The Korean automaker was about to release a ladder-type frame SUV that could compete with the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser. Now the brand has decided to postpone the implementation of this project.

KIA’s staircase SUV is no longer on the list of top-priority projects for the brand.

It was going to be used on the SUVs of both companies. The new frames would be serious contenders for the Toyota Land Cruiser.

Roland Rivero, General Product Manager of KIA Australia, has clarified this project, which has recently fizzled out. In an interview with Cars Guide, he said that today the brand has other cars that should be prioritized. However, such a reallocation of resources does not mean at all that the project will be closed.

According to Rivero, the new “frame” will be similar to a double cab pickup, which is also in development and also ends up in the back of the queue.

Now the Korean brand prioritizes global products, such niche models are also needed, but the Koreans decided not to rush to develop them.

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