Kia Seltos X-Line SUV or SUV off road body kit?

Kia Seltos X-Line SUV or SUV off road body kit?


The Korean brand has tried to imitate a Vase, releasing a special version of Kia Seltos. We are talking about the heir of Line Attack Concept Trail and X-Line Urban Concept in the face of Kia Seltos X-Line.

Model appeared in the exhibition and proved to be a very promising novelty. Its characteristic difference is in readiness for the road and riding over rough terrain.

Recall that the X-Trail Attack Line and X-Line Urban aggressive from the front. They also got additional optics on the roof-type Safari. Compared to the serial implementation, the crossover has added 50 mm. ground clearance of concepts now is 235 mm.


As the name implies, models, availability of winches and special tires – X-Line Trail Attack can rightly be considered as potential conquerors of the terrain. Meanwhile, X-Urban Line is positioned as a car for city limits. Special Seltos until you come to us, although the special model could be very popular among our citizens. Our audience is extremely positive attitude to modified cars. The manufacturer promises to make to Seltos X-Line a number of buns: a special design of the optics, dark interior trim, upgraded instrument panel.

Both concepts X-Trail Attack Line and X-Line Urban went four-cylinder turbo engine, working volume of 1.6 liters. Its capacity is 175 C, and the torque is 265 Nm. Transmission was brand 7-band robot-on-two clutch. Is of interest the presence of all-wheel drive system, which is in the subconscious of the experts did not blend in “robot”. So Kia Seltos X-Line are more likely to get that technical stuffing.

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