KIA showed extreme version Stinger

KIA showed extreme version Stinger

The British branch of the KIA and technological centre of Mainz from the German brand built a unique track Stinger. The car is designed to unleash the full potential of the model and exists in a single copy. It is lighter and more powerful than the regular liftback, and is also equipped with an upgraded suspension.

Track KIA Stinger GT420 150 pounds lighter than the original Stinger GT-S: mass reduced at the expense of complete dismantling of the interior panels, audio system, rear sofa, a panoramic roof and install lightweight battery Lite Blox (minus 22 kilograms). In addition, the cabin of the “Stinger” now is the original roll cage and a pair of Sparco racing buckets.

The dynamics of dispersal Stinger GT420 kept secret, but it’s got to be better than the Stinger GT. Him to reach the first “hundred” requires 4.9 seconds.

In motion liftback leads 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6, which received a new control unit, spark plugs HKS M45il, filter zero resistance K&N and bezkatalizatornye exhaust Milltek Sport. After modifications, the engine output is 428 forces and 560 Nm of torque, against the forces 370 and 510 Nm of torque in “civil” cars. Vosmidesyatitonnye “machine” has got a new firmware that accelerate reactions in the modes Sport and Sport+, and enlarged oil cooler.

KIA Stinger GT420 lost adaptive dampers, which took place passive recalibrated Mando struts with Eibach springs Pro. Negative camber of the front wheels increased to 2.5 degrees, while the rear is mounted a pair of transverse, increasing rigidity. Finally, the stock sway bars were replaced by thicker, and the front brake on in line Brembo with 380-millimeter rotors. Wheels – 19-inch OZ Racing Leggera – shod in tires Pirelli Trofeo-R.

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