KIA Sorento crossover has received a new platform, diesel and transmission

KIA Sorento crossover has received a new platform, diesel and transmission


The successor generation SUV of the Korean brand will debut early next month at the Geneva motor show. The model replaced the “stuffing”.

KIA Sorento fourth generation has received factory index MQ4 (from the previous version – UM). Recently, the company extended the full photos of the new cross, and yesterday, the Network appeared the characteristics of the vehicle, which is intended for the domestic market. Now KIA told us more not only about the Korean version of the model, but also about those machines that will travel to Europe and North America.

So, earlier it was reported that the Sorento is based on a new platform (previously it was based on a “Dolly” from a KIA Carnival). The SUV is a new generation of more compact design of the engine compartment, the overhangs are shorter and the wheelbase has grown. As described in the company, the distance between the axles of the vehicle increased by 35 mm (up to 2815 mm) and the length added to 10 mm (up to 4810 mm).

On the European, North American and Korean markets, the new Sorento will be offered with a hybrid power plant, which includes petrol turbo T-GDi direct injection 1.6-liter and also 60-HP electric motor and lithium-ion polymer battery (1,49 kW). Total output is 230 HP and a maximum torque of 350 Nm. The ability to recharge from the mains this hybrid no.

The company added that later will be information about alternative engines include gasoline engines, as well as rechargeable hybrid. In this case, as the second would probably be the power plant, created on the basis turbodisk 1.6, data on the total power of this system yet.

The home and European markets “fourth” KIA Sorento will be offered with a new four-cylinder diesel engine family Smartstream volume of 2.2 liters with return 202 BHP (torque of 440 Nm). It is aggregated with a new eight-speed automatic transmission DCT with two wet clutches. Also in the Old world and Korea model will be available 281-strong Smartstream T-GDi 2.5 liters (421 Nm). The appointed box 8DCT.


Brake system the new Sorento reduces severity of secondary collisions: the essence of her work is that brake crossover intervene automatically in the case that after the first collision covers the airbag. The car is equipped with eight Aragami, including knee airbags and Central that is disclosed between the front passengers (the same have Genesis GV80). In addition, cross has a system that allows you to see what surrounds the car with a smartphone. It helps when Parking.

As noted in the company, the release of the KIA Sorento fourth generation starts in late 2020. About the beginning of sales and prices for new vehicles the company will report later.

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