KIA Sportage 2021 – first look

KIA Sportage 2021 – first look


So, it finally happened, we have a brand new KIA Sportage of the 5th generation at our disposal and today we plan to find out what the Koreans decided to surprise their fans with this time, because the previous versions of this car were absolute sales hits.

KIA Sportage design and platform

The appearance of the new KIA Sportage was created in different countries: China, Korea, Germany, America, the cost of the error was very high, so the approach of the creators was serious.

Halogen lamps remained only in turns and then in the basic configuration, in our test copy both the low and high beam are lined and even matrix.

In the rear of the car, in accordance with trends, there are no exhaust pipes even in the sports version of the GT Line, and the design of the rear part reminds us very much of the Lexus NX.

KIA Sportage 2021 is built on a completely new Hyundai platform-Kia N3, on which Sorento and Tucson are already being assembled, nevertheless, the dimensions, compared to KIA Sportage 4, have not changed much: the wheelbase has increased by 10 mm., and the length by 30 mm., and the clearance is the same – 170 mm.

The engine of the new KIA Sportage

We have a KIA Sportage on the test with a 1.6 T-GDI petrol turbo engine with a volume of 1.6 liters, a capacity of 180 hp and a torque of 265 Nm. The claimed acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is 9 s.

Paired with the engine is a 7-speed robotic gearbox 7DCT GEN2. The manufacturer claims that in comparison with the KIA Sportage 4, a lot of things have been improved in this box: the clutches have been strengthened, the boxes have been changed, the car should hold the first gear longer in traffic jams, the start-stop system has been optimized and cooling has been improved. As a result, the transmission resource should be much larger. Time will tell.

KIA Sportage 2021 Salon

In the cabin, the new KIA Sportage is a completely new car and it has nothing in common with the 4th generation, either visually or in layout. The location of the instrument panel and the torpedo were lowered down, the landing also became lower, due to this it seems that you are not sitting in a crossover, but in a station wagon.

KIA Sportage 2021 interior trim materials are about the same quality as in the previous version, there is still an imitation of leather upholstery with stitching, dark plastic combined with dark gloss and aluminum adds rigor and gloss.

The instrument panel and multimedia system consist of two displays, each with a diagonal of 12.3 inches. It looks very premium, the resolution of each display is 1920×720, the image quality is excellent.

Under the 12.3-inch screen of the multimedia system, another small display is installed on which the climate control menu or the on-board computer can be displayed.

We liked the interface design of the multimedia system and the sensitivity of the display, but there are complaints about the speed and slow response to switching between menu items.

The all-round camera with 3D mode and excellent image quality pleased us very much.

The front seats in our test KIA Sportage GT Line are very comfortable with good lateral support, heating and ventilation.

In the test KIA Sportage, a 7-speed robotic gearbox and a “washer” is installed in the cabin instead of the gear lever – it looks unusual, it is very convenient to use.

The landing on the back row of seats is high, there is enough space for the head and legs, the backrest is adjustable, there is heating of the rear seats and climate control for the rear passengers. There are huge hooks for clothes in the headrests of the front seats at the back, but in our opinion, this is a controversial decision.

The trunk in the KIA Sportage 2021 is quite large — 590 liters. It can be made even more by folding the backs of the rear seats, and folding can be done directly from the trunk using special handles.

Drive and brakes KIA Sportage

The new KIA Sportage has an updated brake system, the front brake discs now have a diameter of 325 mm, which is 20 mm. more than its predecessor. The claimed braking from 100 to 0 km/h is 43 m. This is not a very good result, but unfortunately we could not verify these figures due to bad weather.

The first thing you pay attention to while driving the new KIA Sportage is less rolls and when driving actively, the car behaves like a comfortable sedan or hatchback, but on a bad road it certainly became tougher. The steering wheel has not become more informative, it is still artificial in Korean, but it has become a little sharper and heavier.

But the noise insulation in KIA Sportage is excellent, at the level of BMW X3 or Mercedes CLA.

KIA Sportage 2021 is a really serious bid for success, it has everything to become a new sales hit in its class, but what really happens in the end we will be able to find out a little later, after feedback about the operating experience of the first owners.

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