KIA Sportage 4: they don’t do that anymore!

KIA Sportage 4: they don’t do that anymore!


Our editor-in-chief Pavel Kashchuk is selling his fourth-generation family KIA Sportage. What was the reason to bring up the creation of the most capacious story-educational program about this popular crossover in our country.

We are talking not only about the 2.0-liter diesel engine, which is installed on Pavel’s Sportage, but also about all other (and even American) power plants. Examining the suspension and brakes, understanding its design and weak points. We are talking about paintwork. And, of course, we do not ignore the important topic of the checkpoint of these crossovers. No abstraction, everything is based on a real example of a Kia Sportage with a 50-thousandth mileage.

So if you’ve ever thought about buying such a car (and it doesn’t matter, new or used) or you just like the model, welcome. Happy viewing!

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