KIA Sportage failed crash tests miserably (video)

KIA Sportage failed crash tests miserably (video)


Experts from the independent organization Latin NCAP, which are testing cars for the Latin American market, have conducted a series of crash tests on the fourth generation KIA Sportage. In the basic configuration, the crossover is equipped with two airbags and an anti-lock braking system. As a result of collisions with obstacles imitating cars, Sportage was recognized as an unsafe vehicle. In this regard, experts once again demanded that car manufacturers increase the level of safety of models for the Latin American market.

As a result of crash tests, the KIA Sportage pedestrian safety was rated at 58 percent. In an accident, the driver and front passenger of the crossover will be protected by 48 percent. At the same time, the risk of serious injury by children in a side impact at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour or in a frontal collision at a speed of 64 kilometers per hour is 75 percent. Thus, independent experts recognized the Korean model as unsafe.

Latin NCAP General Secretary Alejandro Furas said that most automakers are releasing the same models in European markets that are available in Latin America. However, the machines here do not get the same basic level of safety. According to him, the life of a Hispanic is as important as the life of any other client. Therefore, the head of the organization once again called for an increase in the level of standard equipment in accordance with international standards.

On the eve, Latin NCAP experts conducted a series of Hyundai Tucson crash tests.

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