KIA Stinger lost its roof

KIA Stinger lost its roof


The premiere of the first ever convertible with a soft roof based on the KIA Stinger took place in Orlando, USA. Officially, KIA does not produce such cars – the development of an open version by order of one of the dealers was taken up by the Drop Top Customs tuning studio.

The project was implemented by Drop Top Customs by order of the City KIA dealership. The roof was cut off and the body was reinforced, while retaining 4 doors. The suspension uses springs and reinforced anti-roll bars from Eibach, forged wheels, and some of the body panels were replaced with carbon counterparts.

Drop Top Customs also worked on the engine. The convertible is based on the Stinger GT with a supercharged V6, which from the factory develops 370 horsepower (510 Nm). However, the unit was equipped with a lightweight intake with an intercooler, an alternative exhaust system and a reprogrammed control unit. It is not reported how much the capacity of the installation has increased, but, according to The Drive, the authors of the project called the priority not capacity, but the responsiveness of the unit.

According to the publication, the customers of the convertible have already announced their intention to establish a small-scale production of cars. However, the tuning studio noted that only one copy has been built to date, and the fact of in-line production has not yet been confirmed.

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