KIA Telluride is the best car in the world?

KIA Telluride is the best car in the world?


It is curious that the Grand prize winner is not sold worldwide.

Summing up the results of the prestigious competition World Car of the Year was held in the framework of the new York auto show. The exhibition, as we know, was postponed, but the announcement of the results of the competition to be postponed did not.

And “Car of the year in the world” was a big crossover KIA Telluride. In the final he fought for the first prize with two models of Mazda – the third family and the crossover CX-30, the distribution of which on the planet much longer.

However, a consolation prize for the Mazda was the winning design in the nomination – the most beautiful car of this year, the jury named the Mazda 3. It’s funny, but the nearest rival – the Porsche Taycan – “Troika” ahead of just two points: 179 versus 177 (in third place is the Peugeot 208). “Taikang” took at once two prizes.


The first electric car from Zuffenhausen, the jury considered worthy of the title “Premium car of the year” and “car of the year”. In the first category, the Porsche Taycan beat the Porsche 911 and Mercedes-Benz EQC, the second for the lead and fought all the same Porsche 911 and Toyota Supra.

Left, by the way, without a second of victory and mark KIA. “City car of the year in the world” was a compact SUV the KIA Soul, and not any, but only in all-electric Soul EV modification. Besides him, the top three finalists of the Volkswagen T-Cross and MINI Cooper Electric SE – another compact and totally “green” car.

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