KIA unveiled a concept four-wheel drive crossover Futuron

KIA unveiled a concept four-wheel drive crossover Futuron


In the framework of the international exhibition China International Import Expo (CIIE), KIA presented a concept crossover Futuron. This model is equipped with four electric in-wheel motors, is a continuation of a series of experiments the Korean automaker with design of promising electric cars.

Electrified future of the automobile industry becomes more and more obvious, so the designers of KIA are increasingly looking for not only the best technical solutions for their new cars, but also experimenting with look that will eventually become characteristic of a family of electric vehicles KIA.

Place of the presentation of the brand new KIA Futuron Concept has become China international import exhibition, which is taking place these days in Shanghai. The basis of the appearance of the concept coupe all-wheel drive electric crossover based on the principles of “dynamic purity, suggesting a unity of elegant proportions with rapid clean shapes and surfaces on the outside, high-tech and stylish interior.


As presented six months ago in Geneva KIA’s Concept Imagine, the novelty has received a completely new interpretation of the “tiger nose” that determines the appearance of the KIA for over ten years. Retaining the characteristic elements in the form of a broad horizontal lines with characteristic notches in the center, the designers of the Korean company extended pound radiator across the entire width of the front end, visually uniting it with the headlamps. Thus, the “tiger nose” was transformed into “tiger face”.


Brand new led lights (both head light and rear lights) consist of a scattering of light-emitting elements, dubbed “Star cloud”. They not only provide efficient lighting, but also give the vehicle a space appearance in the dark.

As for the interior, it is no less futuristic than “appearance” Futuron. This concept has received a system of Autonomous driving of 4-level, than largely dictated by the design of the interior space that distinguishes the spaciousness and flexibility of transformation. Futuron provides the driver and front passenger the opportunity to take a classical position with a straight back and activate the system of Autonomous driving, and then controls the car move forward, and the chairs are arranged, providing a semi-reclining position with the level of comfort on long journeys typical of business jets.

The instrument panel is a huge seamless display, stretching from the driver’s door to the Central console, while the steering wheel is also present display image to the driver’s seat is perceived an integral part of the overall futuristic graphical user interface.

Technical features

KIA Futuron is a cross – coupé with the aerodynamically perfect body, a combination of elegance and sportiness. With a total length of 4 850 mm, the length of the wheelbase of the concept was 3,000 mm.

The vehicle is completely electric propulsion, with battery with high capacity is located under the floor of the cabin, and four electric motors placed in the wheels. Thus, Futuron not only looks rapidly, but also can please the driver good handling, the key of which are the low center of gravity and all-wheel drive system e-AWD.

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