KIA unveiled the Chinese version of the sedan K3

KIA unveiled the Chinese version of the sedan K3

KIA unveiled in Shanghai its model mid-sized sedan K3, for the first time, demonstrating the appearance and speaking about the power plant market China.

For the model K3 (also known as KIA Cerato) responsible Vice President and the head of KIA Design China Oleg Dream.

It would seem, what’s the news? But the fact is that the Chinese K3 is significantly different from the Korean and American versions of its design – different tail lights, different front optics and grille absolutely unique to this model. If you squint, it resembles the style of Maserati.

Release KIA K3 in China joint venture Dongfeng Yueda KIA Motors is the latest version of the sedan, and will go on sale she was in the second quarter of 2019.

Chinese buyers can choose between two petrol engines – 1.5-litre, which promises best-in-class efficiency, and the 1.4-liter turbo. In addition, K3 will be available in version rechargeable hybrid. However, detailed specification of power plants will be published closer to the date of start of sales.

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